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Come sit and listen to all the stories that your grandma never wanted you to hear. Join author and historian John Brassard Jr. as he recounts stories of true crime, bizarre tales, and weird history.

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Available Episodes:

Episode 1The Devil You Know: The John Hoskins Murders

Episode 2Bloody Matrimony: The Murder of Marie Whynack

Episode 3Sudden Endings

Episode 4Unfortunate Circumstances

Episode 5The Giant of Scott County

Episode 6And The Rain Fell, And The Water Rose….

Episode 7The Night Turned Into Day: The Stanley Packamore Murder

Episode 8: Uninvited Guests

Episode 9: Unseen Malady

Episode 10: Stolen Lives

Episode 11: Buried Secrets

Episode 12: Premonitions of Doom

Episode 13: The Last Walk Home

Episode 14: Deadly Delivery

Episode 15Rising From The Flames

Episode 16: Suicide Over Starvation

Episode 17: Loving Henry

Episode 18: Lost in Despair

Episode 19: Beyond the Bedroom Door

Episode 20: The Harry Singer Murders

Episode 21: The Strange Death of Carl Albright

Episode 22: The Tinsmith’s Ghost

Episode 23: The Strelow Brother’s Hidden Fortune

Episode 24: The Hermit’s Sentry

Episode 25: The Would-Be Bride

Episode 26: An Uncommon Criminal

Episode 27: A Dark and Haunted Holiday

Episode 28: The Confession of Leonard Grubb

Episode 29: Defiling the Dead

Episode 30: Haunted – The Kelly Family Murders

Episode 31: My Ghost Stories – Real and Imagined

Episode 32: The Accidentally Deliberate Murder of Augusta Bartz

Episode 33: The Scars of Loss

Episode 34: Snapped in Birmingham

Episode 35: Frozen Secrets 

Episode 36: Emotional Insanity

Episode 37: The Spencer Family Massacre, Part 1

Episode 38: The Spencer Family Massacre, Part 2

Episode 39: The Robbers Who Should Have Quit

Episode 40: The Bandits in the Blizzard

Episode 41: The Edward Crampton Murders of 1921

Episode 42: Deadly Relations: The Sam McNeese Murder

Episode 43: Ms. Holly

Episode 44: Table Scraps – Vol. 1

Episode 45: Struck Down in the Dark: The Charles Englehart Murder

Episode 46: Ghosts of the Pandemic, Part 1: Arrival

Episode 47: Table Scraps, Vol. II

Episode 48: Ghosts of the Pandemic, Part 2: Home Front 

Episode 49: Ghosts of the Pandemic, Part 3: Burial

Episode 50: The Girl in Room 30: The Murder of Marie Wick

Episode 51: The Koenig Murder/Suicide of 1870

Episode 52Pretty Things and a Good Right Hook 

Episode 53: The Insane Doctor: Medicine, Drugs, and Murder in  a Small Town 

Episode 54: Fancy Shoes: The Bizarre Story of Big Nose George

Episode 55: Horace and Geneva: The Wrong Way to Fix a Marriage 

Episode 56: Death Curve: The Legend of Julia Markham

Episode 57: Steam and Fury: The Lansing Steamer Disaster of 1867

Episode 58: One Bad Ride: The Murder of Mary Schlais

Episode 59: ‘Call Me Randy:’ The Soft-Spoken Killer 

Episode 60: Poisoned Chocolate: The Nehlsen Murder/Suicide of 1910

Episode 61: Unquiet House: The Murder of Bessie Moore

Episode 62: Table Scraps Short Stories, Vol 3. Accidents Will Happen

Episode 63: Wolves Like Sheep: The Murder of Mary Schultz

Episode 64: The Quiet House: The Gilbert Family Slayings

Episode 65: The Stoic Farmer: The Gilbert Family Murders, Part II

Episode 66: Obsession: The Murder of Grace Reed

Episode 67: Small Town Secrets: The Death of Olive Funk

Episode 68: A Debt Unpaid: The Murder of John David

Episode 69: The Missing Bell: The Clinton County, Iowa, Courthouse War 

Episode 70: The Body in the River: A 1911 Murder in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Episode 71: The Body on the Island: The Final Days of Margaret Treese

Episode 72: KTH Shortcast: Music from Beyond

Episode 73: The Ball: A Kitchen Table Historian Short Story

Episode 74: The House on the Hill: The Haunted History of the W.P. Bettendorf Mansion

Episode 75: Miss Edna’s Surprise Guest: A KTH Short Story

Episode 76: The Perfect Crime: The Murder of Grace Loomis

Episode 77: The Perfect Crime: The Trail of Dr. Frank Loomis

Episode 78: Suicide and Steam: A Family Tragedy

Episode 79: The Accused Poisoner: Bernice Zalimas

I’ve also had the opportunity to do some radio and podcast interviews with some really cool people. They’re too good not to share, so I’ve posted links to them below, along with a little blurb about who they are and what we’re talking about. I hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed talking about them!

KALA Radio ‘Relevant or Irrelevant’

KALA is a public radio station based out of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. One of their programs, ‘Relevant or Irrelevant,’ is an award-winning interview show where they discuss a variety of topics ranging from history to politics, to, well, pretty much anything.

ROI Episode 273Murder and Mayhem in Scott County, Iowa

ROI Episode 273, Bonus Web ContentMurder and Mayhem in Scott County, Iowa

ROI Episode 280Unsolved Murders in Scott County, Iowa

ROI Episode 280, Bonus Web ContentUnsolved Murders in Scott County, Iowa

ROI Episode 416: The Long Grove Bank Robbery of 1921

ROI Episode 416, Bonus Web Content: The Long Grove Bank Robbery of 1921

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