Episode 35: Frozen Secrets

   In 1927, William Coffey was a middle-aged newlywed on top of the world. His wife’s family began to suspect that something wasn’t quite right with him when they hadn’t heard from her. While they thought he was a con man, they had no idea about the frozen secrets he was keeping.




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Mauston Authorities Hold Bigamist. Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 1/22/1927

Foul Play Feared In State Mystery. Stevens Point Daily Journal, 1/22/1927

Madison Man Held; Woman Missing. Wisconsin State Journal, 1/22/1927

Net Tightens on Madison Salesman. Wisconsin State Journal, 1/23/1927

Missing LaCrosse Woman Held Dead. La Crosse Tribune, 1/23/1927

Confesses He Killed His Second Wife. The Oshkosh Northwestern, 1/24/1927

No Body Fond Near Dubuque, Report. The Capitol Times, 1/24/1927

Coffey Confesses Dismembering Body of Murdered Wife. Sheboygan Press, 1/27/1927

*Coffey’s Confession – Page 5

Coffey Makes New Confession of Murder. LaCrosse Tribune, 1/27/1927

Head of Slain Woman is Recovered. The Journal Times, 1/29/1927

Coffey Collapses After Hinting at Second Murder; Refuses to Say More. The Capitol Times, 1/29/1927

Question Coffey on Balzer Murder. Wisconsin State Journal, 1/29/1927

Bigamist Slayer Will Be Sentenced Tomorrow. The Capitol Times, 2/3/1927

Coffey Gets Life Imprisonment. Kenosha News, 2/4/1927




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