Episode 3: Sudden Endings

Winter driving is something that virtually all Midwestern drivers have to face down at some point. One night in 1926, Singleton Gardiner discovered just how bad it could be when he found his car sliding toward the side of a moving train in rural Illinois.




Singleton Gardiner Presented Diamond Set Gold Badge for 25 Years Continuous Service. The Davenport Democrat and Leader, 4/26/1921

17-Year-Old Girl Killed in Auto Accident. The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, 1/15/1925

2 Dead, 2 Hurt in Crossing Crash. The Daily Times, 1/12/1926

Singleton Gardiner and Charles Frey Meet Terrible Deaths. Davenport Democrat and Times, 1/12/1926

Hold Funeral Services for Wreck Victim. Davenport Democrat and Times, 1/14/1926

Woman Injured in Auto Accident Suing Railway and Estate for $20,000. Davenport Democrat and Times, 8/19/1926

Claim Plaintiff in $20,000 Suit was Negligent. Davenport Democrat and Times, 11/22/1926

R.R. Co. Defendant in $20,000 Suit Asking for a Separate Trial. Davenport Democrat and Times, 12/12/1926

Inkman Damage Case Set for Trial Tuesday. Davenport Democrat and Times, 2/28/1927

Mrs. Gardiner Called After Long Illness. Davenport Democrat and Times, 5/29/1930

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