Episode 23: The Strelow Brother’s Hidden Fortune

Charles Strelow lived as a virtual hermit. For decades, there were stories of a small fortune hidden on his Nebraska farm. In 1925, authorities were shocked to discover that the legend was true.




Releases in Chicago Realty Led to Strelow Brothers to Hoard Their Money and Become Hermits. The Lincoln Star, 11/20/1925

Thousands Not Found. The Lincoln Journal Star, 11/21/1925

Strelow Insanity Hearing Goes Over. Lincoln Star, 11/17/1925

The Nebraska State Journal, 11/10/1925

Estate Left to Brother. The Lincoln Star, 11/10/1925

Demurrer Filed. The Lincoln Star, 11/15/1925

Continue Strelow Query Into Sanity. The Nebraska State Journal, 11/17/1925

Dig Up The Strelow Fortune. Lincoln Journal Star, 11/18/1925

Strelow Wealth All Found. Lincoln Journal Star, 11/19/1925

Concealing Cash Total. The Nebraska State Journal, 11/19/1925

Sum of $46,000 Uncovered On Strelow Farm. The Lincoln Star, 11/19/1925

Say No Gold On The Farm. Lincoln Journal Star, 11/24/1925

Strelow Is Not Insane. Lincoln Journal Star, 11/27/1925

Estate of Hermits Big. Lincoln Journal Statr, 12/16/1925

Strelow Case is Re-Opened. The Lincoln Star, 12/18/1925

Bond Filed for Appeal. Lincoln Journal Star, 12/22/1925

Charles Strelow Ill At Hospital. Lincoln Journal Star, 12/22/1925

No Retrial of Strelow. Lincoln Journal Star, 12/24/1925

Strelow Seriously Ill With Second Pneumonia Attack. The Lincoln Star, 1/20/1926

Strelow’s Will Filed. Lincoln Journal Star, 1/22/1926

Nebraska State Historical Society – www.nebraskahistory.com

Find A Grave – http://www.findagrave.com


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