Episode 50: The Girl in Room 30: The Murder of Marie Wick

In 1921, 18-year-old Marie Wick checked into a Fargo hotel while travelling to visit her aunt. What happened that night in Room 30 would become one of the most vicious murders to ever occur in North Dakota.


Girl Murdered In Fargo Hotel. Grand Forks Herald, 6/7/1921

Clothing of Murdered Girl is Examined. The Bismarck Tribune, 6/10/1921

Eliminating Theories in Murder Case. Grand Forks Herald, 6/11/1921

No Further Light Thrown on Murder Mystery in Fargo. Grand Forks Herald, 6/13/1921

Fargo Hotel Clerk Arrested for Wick Murder. Grand Forks Herald, 6/15/1921

Continuation Granted in Murder Case. Grand Forks Herald, 6/21/1921

Fargo Murder Case Reviewed in Preliminary. Bismarck Tribune, 6/28/1921

Damaging Testimony Against William Gummer Introduced in Trial Today. Grand Forks Herald, 6/29/1921

Sensational Turn in Gummer Case. Grand Forks Herald, 6/20/1921

Gummer Visited Wick Room. The Bismarck Tribune, 6/30/1921

Coroner’s Jury Holds Gummer Responsible. 7/2/1921

Prescott Hotel in Fargo, Scene of Murder, Is Closed. Grand Forks Herald, 10/15/1921

Gummer Case Shifted to Valley City. Grand Forks Herald, 11/3/1921

Trial of Alleged Murderer of Marie Wick Scheduled to Begin Next Tuesday at Valley City, N.D. Grand Forks Herald, 1/12/1922

Gummer Guilty; Brown Held. The Bismarck Tribune, 2/25/1922

Gummer Enters Prison for Life; His Iron Nerve Never Breaks as He Discusses Case. Bismarck Tribune, 3/20/1922

Marie Wick’s Parents Not Fully Convinced Who Killed Daughter. Bismarck Tribune, 12/11/1944

Man Named ‘Blackie’ Carter Slew Girl, Charges Croal. Bismarck Tribune, 12/11/1944

‘Blackie Carter’ Not in Custody, But Available. Bismarck Tribune, 12/11/1944

Gummer to Get Freedom Dec. 28. The Bismarck Tribune, 12/11/1944

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