Episode 9: Unseen Malady

Thomas Clark seemed like an ordinary Indiana farmer until he went away to the asylum. They said he was cured. But, in 1922, he committed a horrible crime that proved that his unseen malady was far from improved.








Posse Chasing Huntington Murderer. The Huntington Herald, 11/16/1922

Huntington County Posse Hunts For Murderer. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11/16/1922

Mother and Son Slain and Posse Seek For Father. The Star Press, 11/16/1922

Posses Look For Alleged Slayer. The Indianapolis News, 11/16/1922

Woman and Child Murdered. The Huntington Press, 11/16/1922

Murder Victim’s Funeral Today. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11/17/1922

Clark Leads His Pursuers on Wild Chase Through Bottom Lands and Along Wabash. Palladium-Item, 11/17/1922

Bury Victims Of Double Murderer. The South Bend Tribune, 11/17/1922

Murderer Remains at Large. The Huntington Press, 11/17/1922

Manhunt is Shifted to Grant County. The Huntington Herald, 11/17/1922

Search For Alleged Slayer is Continued. The Indianapolis News, 11/17/1922

Clark is Caught at Hartford City. The Fort Wayne Sentinel,11/18/1922

Clark Seen Near Anderson. The Huntington Press, 11/18/1922

Thomas Clark Caught Near Roll, Ind. The Huntington Herald, 11/18/1922

‘She Struck Me First,’ Clark ‘He Is Sane,’ Haller Infers. The Huntington Press, 11/19/1922

Thomas Clark, Wife Murderer, Gives Self Up. The Star Press, 11/19/1922

Indictment of Clark, Insane Slayer, Will Be Asked of Jury. Palladium-Item, 11/20/1922

Grand Jury To Probe Murder. The Fort Wayne Sentinel, 11/20/1922

Slayer is Suffering From Burns. The Huntington Herald, 11/20/1922

Clark is Still In Grave Condition. The Fort Wayne Sentinel, 11/21/1922

Clark Has Chance of Recovering. The Huntington Herald, 11/21/1922

Indictment is Expected Today. The Fort Wayne Sentinel, 11/22/1922

Confessed Slayer Adopts New Pose. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11/23/1922

Wife Murderer Now in New Role. The Star Press, 11/23/1922

Serves Warrant on Clark Today. The Fort Wayne Sentinel, 11/24/1922

Mind is Blank as to Murder. The Fort Wayne Sentinel, 11/29/1922

“Irresponsible,” Pleads Murderer. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11/28/1922

Clark Declares Whiskey Cause of Murders. The Huntington Herald, 12/14/1922

Examine Thomas Clark As to His Sanity. The Huntington Herald, 2/20/1923

To Examine Clark Again Thursday. The Huntington Herald, 2/21/1923

Clark Sent to Criminal Insane Hospital. The Huntington Herald, 2/23/1923

Court Declares Thomas Clark Insane. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 2/24/1923

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