Episode 10: Stolen Lives

In 1905, a St. Paul, Minnesota butcher was brutally murdered in his shop. When police began investigating, little did they know that they were on the trail of one of the most cold-blooded killers they had ever seen.




Murderer Chops Victim to Pieces In Butcher Shop. The Saint Paul Globe, 2/19/1905

Fatal Hammer Leads to Trail of Boy Suspect. The Saint Paul Globe, 2/28/1905

Accuses Him of Another Murder. The Minneapolis Journal, 2/28/1905

Father of Hartmann Believes Gottshalk Killed His Son. The Saint Paul Globe, 3/1/1905

Suspect Weakening Under Third Degree. The Minneapolis Journal, 3/2/1905

Gottschalk Gladly Talks To Visitors. The St. Paul Globe, 3/10/1905

Gottshalk Faces Seven Accusers. The Saint Paul Globe, 3/15/1905

Man’s Body Found. The Minneapolis Journal, 3/17/1905

Body of Hartmann Is Found In River. The Saint Paul Globe, 3/18/1905

Gottshalk Accused By Coroner’s Jury. The Saint Paul Globe, 3/18/1905

Police Weave Web About Gottschalk. The Saint Paul Globe, 3/19/1905

Albert Gottshalk Is Sure of Innocence. The Saint Paul Globe, 3/19/1905

Gottshalk Is To Face Second Murder Charge. The Saint Paul Globe, 3/20/1905

Second Murder Charge. The Minneapolis Journal, 3/23/1905

Grand Jury to Indict Edward Gottshalk On Murder Charges. The Saint Paul Globe, 4/14/1905

Two Murder Charges. The Minneapolis Journal, 4/18/1905

Sentenced to Hang By Neck Until Dead. The Star Tribune, 5/12/1905

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