Episode 20: The Harry Singer Murders

Locals suspected that something was off when Harry Singer started selling his boss’ belongings. Never would they have guessed the truth. What had happened to the Wesley family, and what did Singer know about it?




The Noblesville Ledger, 7/4/1936

Young Hold Up Victim Dies In Wabash County Hospital. Muncie Evening Press, 7/7/1936

Detroit Youth Dies of Gunshot Wounds. Kokomo Tribune, 7/7/1936

Triple Murder is Confessed By Harry Singer, Ex-Convict. Journal and Courier, 8/8/1936

Ex-Convict Kills 3 Near Wabash. The Star Press, 8/8/1936

Family of 3 Murdered By Farm Hand. Rushville Republican, 8/8/1926

Triple Slayer Placed Under Lie Detector. Muncie Evening Press, 8/8/1936

Farm Hand Admits Triple Slaying. Indianapolis Star, 8/8/1936

Changes His Story of Triple Murder. Kokomo Tribune, 8/8/1936

Scene of 3 Spite Murders. Indianapolis News, 8/8/1936

Slayer Taken to Huntington. The Indianapolis Star, 8/9/1936

Slayer Adds To Confession. The Star Press, 8/9/1936

Triple Slaying Tests Finished. The Indianapolis Star, 8/11/1936

Vidette-Messenger of Porter County, 10/31/1936.

Garrett Clipper, 12/7/1936

Convict Admits Fourth Slaying. The Indianapolis News, 12/18/1936

Confesses Fourth Murder. Logansport-Pharos Tribune, 12/18/1936

Harry Singer Dies For Murder of 4. The Indianapolis Star, 12/26/1936

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