Episode 14: Deadly Delivery

We love getting presents in the mail. But what happens when something so ordinary turns deadly? One unfortunate farm family in 1922 Wisconsin found out first hand when they received a deadly delivery.


Mystery Still Shrouds Chilton Death. The Sheboygan Press, 11/25/1922

Poison Candy is Blamed For Woman’s Death. The Daily News and The Times, 11/25/1922

Poison Theory Given Setback. The Daily News and The Times, 11/27/1922

Learn Former Rival Bought Strychnine. The Post-Crescent, 11/27/1922

Confessed Borgia Charged with Mrs. Schnieder’s Murder. The Sheboygan Press, 11/28/1922

Girl Admits Sending Poison Candy to Neighbor. The Post-Crescent, 11/28/1922

Girl Confesses Poison Slaying. The Journal Times, 11/28/1922

Girl in Poison Case is Insane? The Menasha Record, 11/29/1922

Chilton Poisoning Case Awaits Result of the Post Mortem. The Sheboygan Press, 11/29/1922

Insanity Plea In Chilton, Wis Poisoning Case. The Leader-Telegram, 11/20/1922

Mrs. Schneider’s Death Unnatural. The Menasha Record, 12/1/1922

Girl Poisoner Ill; Hearing Is Delayed Today. The Sheboygan Press, 12/2/1922

Schneider Poison Murder to Be Subject of Inquest, Today. The Sheboygan Press, 12/8/1922

Coroner’s Inquest Asks Anna Lenz Be Tried For Murder. The Sheboygan Press, 12/9/1922

Lenz Woman Ill In Jail. The Menasha Record, 12/19/1922

New Poison Case Warrant Issued. The Menasha Record, 1/16/1922

Defendant Swoons When Identified As Poison Candy Source. The Sheboygan Press, 1/20/1923.

Chilton Girl Held to Answer For Death of Mrs. Schneider; Outcome of Poison Candy Plot. The Sheboygan Press, 1/22/1923

Slayer Probably Will Go To Asylum. The Post-Crescent, 2/2/1923

Anna Lenz Is Feeble Minded;Will Not Have To Face Jury. The Sheboygan Press, 2/2/1923

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