Episode 2: Bloody Matrimony

In 1914, Johann Whynack was married to the love of his life. He would put up with nearly anything; endure almost anything, for his Marie. But Marie didn’t care, and continually spurned his affections. As much as he loved her, every person has their breaking point, and in a split second, Johann brought the issue to a sudden and bloody conclusion.

Show Notes


Austrian Murders Wife by Hacking Her With a Sharp Knife.’ The Daily Times, 6/8/1914

Slayer Breaks Down in Court; Tells of Deed.’ Davenport Democrat and Leader, 6/9/1914

Johann.’ Davenport Democrat and Leader, 6/9/1914

Austrian Faces Charge Murder in First Degree and Life Imprisonment.‘ Davenport Democrat and Leader, 6/8/1914

Two Indicted as Murderers by Grand Jury.’ Davenport Democrat and Leader, 9/24/1914

Slayer to Take Stand to Tell of Wife’s Infidelity in Fight to Save Own Life.’ Davenport Democrat and Leader, 10/8/1914

Murderer Weeps at Sight of Knife Which Was used to End Life of His Wife.’ Davenport Democrat and Leader, 10/9/1914

Whynack Johann Found Guilty of Murdering Wife.’ The Daily Times, 10/14/1914

Whynack Sentenced to 17 Years in Pen.’ The Rock Island Argus, 11/7/1914

Huber Gives Testimony. Davenport Democrat and Leader, 10/8/1914

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