Episode 77: The Perfect Crime: The Trial of Frank Loomis

In this continuation, we find that Dr. Frank Loomis has been freed, apparently innocent of murdering his wife, Grace. But with the discovery of new evidence, Frank would stand trial for first-degree murder. Was he innocent, or would he be found guilty of committing the perfect crime?




Loomis Freed; Posts Reward. Lansing State Journal, 2/28/1927

Loomis Goes East With Wife’s Body. Lansing State Journal, 3/1/1927

Police Keep Up Loomis Probe. Detroit Free Press, 3/2/1927

A New Murder Clue. Battle Creek Enquirer, 3/10/1927

Loomis Murder At Detroit Baffles Crime Experts. The Herald-Palladium, 3/11/1927

Murder May Prove A ‘Perfect Crime.’ Ironwood Daily Globe, 3/21/1927

Murder of Mrs. Grace Loomis Is the “Perfect Crime” with No Tracks and No Clew. Battle Creek Enquirer, 4/4/1927

Charge Medic With Slaying His Wife. The Herald-Press, 4/12/1927

Girl in Loomis Murder Case ‘Talks,’ Report. Detroit Free Press, 4/13/1927

Mystery Girl To Be Witness in Loomis Case. Detroit Free Press, 4/14/1927

Loomis Death Motive Sought. Detroit Free Press, 4/17/1927.

‘Hello’ Girl Heard Loomis Murder Call. The Herald-Press, 4/19/1927

Loomis Probe Marking Time. Detroit Free Press, 4/20/1927

Medic Accused of Killis His Wife in Court. The Herald-Press, 4/28/1927

Loomis Will Face Court in Detroit. The Herald-Palladium, 4/28/1927

Loomis Laughs, Chats in Court as Crowds Fight to See Him. Detroit Free Press, 4/28/1927

Examination of Dr. Loomis Ends Today. The Herald-Palladium, 5/2/1927

Quiz Officer on Facts in Loomis Case. The Herald-Palladium, 5/3/1927

Loomis Ruling Due Saturday, Judge States. Detroit Free Press, 5/4/1927

Detroit Doctor Must Face Trial on Charge of Having Slain Wife. Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/7/1927

Medic Must Stand Trial on Charges He Murdered Wife. The Herald-Press, 5/7/1927

Loomis Must Face Jury, Judge Rules. Detroit Free Press, 5/8/1927

Text of Loomis Decision. Detroit Free Press, 5/8/1927, p. 4

Loomis Counsel Will Fight Delay. Detroit Free Press, 5/10/1927.

Loomis Trial Starts May 23. Lansing State Journal, 5/16/1927

40 Are Called in Loomis Case. Detroit Free Press, 5/17/1927

Loomis Faces Trial Monday. Detroit Free Press, 5/22/1927

Loomis Can Sell Home; Writ Voided. Detroit Free Press, 5/22/1927

Loomis Fights Murder Charge. Lansing State Journal, 5/23/1927

Loomis Jury Selection to Be Long Task. Detroit Free Press, 5/24/1927

Loomis Taken to Scene of Wife Murder. The Herald-Press, 5/25/1927

Loomis Jury Visits Scene of the Crime. Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/25/1927.

First Witness Takes Stand in Loomis’ Trial. Detroit Free Press, 5/26/1927

Police Sergeant’s Story Aids Defense of Detroit Physician. Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/27/1927

State Wages Battle to Fix Loomis Guilt. Detroit Free Press, 5/28/1927.

Loomis Scores Three Points in Death Trial. Detroit Free Press, 5/29/1927.

Star Witness to Go on the Stand Today. Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/31/1927.

Woman to Tell of Death Cries. Detroit Free Press, 5/31/1927

Witness Heard Loomis Shriek Before 9 P.M. Detroit Free Press, 6/1/1927

Barber Backs Story of Wife in Loomis Case.  Detroit Free Press, 6/2/1927.

Loomis to Ask for Dismissal of Death Count. Detroit Free Press, 6/3/1927

Officer Bares Loomis’ Fear of Conviction. Detroit Free Press, 6/4/1927

Loomis Begins Battle to Free Self Monday. Detroit Free Press, 6/5/1927

Loomis Shows Jurors How He Found Corpse. Detroit Free Press, 6/7/1927.

Witness Saw Dr. Loomis At Murder Hour. Detroit Free Press, 6/10/1927

Loomis Plans to Resume Practice in Detroit, Following Acquittal. Battle Creek Enquirer, 6/17/1927

Loomis, Freed, Will Resume Practice Here. Detroit Free Press, 6/17/1927

Small Son of Dr. Loomis is Struck by Automobile. Detroit Free Press, 7/6/1927.

Doctor Loomis Takes His Life. Lansing State Journal, 5/19/1928.

Detroit Physician, Acquitted of Slaying His Wife, Suicides Today. Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/19/1928.

Hunt For Loomis’ Woman Friend Baffles Police. Detroit Free Press, 5/20/1928.

Death Note of Medic Suicide is Made Public. The Herald-Press, 5/21/1928.

Mrs. Newell, Dr.Loomis’ Friend, is Found Hiding. Detroit Free Press, 5/21/1928.

Loomis Death Makes ‘Great Love’ Seriously Ill. Detroit Free Press, 5/22/1928.

Loomis Balked at Marriage, Quarrel in Café Indicated. Lansing State Journal, 5/23/1928.

Mrs. Newell in Collapse. Detroit Free Press, 5/25/1928.

Sweetheart of Medic Who Killed Himself Disappears. The Herald-Press, 5/26/1928

Fund for Children. Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/27/1928.

Mrs. Newell to Leave City. Detroit Free Press, 5/27/1928.

Dr. Loomis Children to Be Taken Care Of. Lansing State Journal, 5/28/1928.

Mrs. Newell Off to Unnamed Place. Detroit Free Press, 5/31/1928.

Doctor Delivered Ante-Mortem Notes. The Escanaba Daily Press, 6/20/1928.

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