Hello everyone! As you might have guessed, my name is John Brassard Jr. I mean, imagine how awkward it would be if I wasn’t, right? I’m an author and historian from Eastern Iowa, with a degree in History from Iowa State University.

I enjoy many aspects of history and love to share lesser-known stories and facts to just about anyone who will listen. I have written extensively about the history of my area, which lead me to write a regular column for the DeWitt Observer called “Brassard’s Attic,” and to have been named as a Contributing Writer for the multi-award winning North Scott Press. I also wrote the book “Murder and Mayhem in Scott County, Iowa,” and was co-author of “Scott County Cemeteries.”

Since I was a kid, I really enjoyed stories of the strange, the unusual, and the bizarre. These were stories of true crime, oddball happenings, and the paranormal. In short, they the stories that your grandma didn’t want you to hear. In 2016, I began a blog where I got to tell these stories. In 2019, it became a well-received podcast that has continued to grow and gain a following throughout the Midwest.