Episode 42: Deadly Relations

An early December blizzard chilled Iowa to the bone. It still wasn’t as cold as the heart of a father seeking vengeance for his daughter. But did he know the entire story?



All Iowa is in Grip of Blizzard. The Evening Gazette, 12/5/1925

Winter Holds Entire State in Icy Grasp. Iowa City Press-Citizen, 12/5/1925

Girl Dies in Snow Tragedy. Iowa City Press-Citizen, 12/5/1925

Muscatine Hit by Cold Spell After Blizzard. The Muscatine Journal, 12/5/1925

Jefferson Farmer Murders His Daughter’s Betrayer. Quad City Times, 12/6/1925

Girl’s Father Kills Youth at Fairfield. Des Moines Register, 12/6/1925

Man Who Slew Girl’s Seducer Freed on Bond. Des Moines Tribune, 12/7/1925

Farmer Who Slew to Avenge Family Honor Out on Bond. The Daily Times, 12/7/1925

Killer of Boy at Fairfield Freed on Bail. Des Moines Register, 12/7/1925

Hold Funeral Today of Boy Bruey Killed. Des Moines Register, 12/8/1925

Hold Funeral of Farm Youth Bruey Killed. Des Moines Register, 12/9/1925

M’Neese Youth Was to Marry Seduced Girl. Des Moines Tribune, 12/10/1925

To Hold Bruey Murder Case Hearing Today. Des Moines Tribune, 12/10/1925

To Ask Death for Bruey As Killer of Boy. Des Moines Register, 12/11/1925

Bruey, Remanded to Jail, Without Bond, for Murder. Davenport Democrat and Leader, 12/11/1925

Louis Bruey, Slayer of Boy, Breaks Down in Fairfield Jail. Des Moines Register, 12/12/1925

Bruey’s Elder Daughter Weds. Des Moines Tribune, 12/18/1925

Strain Shows on Bruey. Des Moines Register, 1/25/1926

Bruey Murder Case Goes to the Grand Jury in Fairfield Today. Des Moines Register, 2/23/1926

Bruey Faces State’s Plea for Hanging. Des Moines Register, 2/28/1926

Bruey Hangs Himself in His Cell. Des Moines Register, 3/1/1926



History of Jefferson County, Iowa – 1912, Volume II, Pages 245-247

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