Welcome to the official website of John Brassard Jr, the Kitchen Table Historian!

When I was growing up, my whole family used to gather around the kitchen table at my grandparent’s house and talk. Sooner or later, we always started telling stories. At our table, nearly any topic was fair game, and the conversations ran from old family stories, to true crime, to the supernatural.

I like to think of this website as my own kitchen table, where all are welcome, and we can talk about nearly anything.

You can learn about me, including both my published works and my historical storytelling. Or, you can read my latest blog and let me tell you a true story of dark history, weird happenings, or maybe even a ghost story or two.

So pull up a chair, relax, and make yourself comfortable. Drinks are in fridge, glasses are in the cupboard, and coffee’s on the counter. You’re welcome at my table, friend. I know you’ll find yourself right at home.

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  1. I enjoyed your Beuna Vista story! My dad and his siblings were born in a farm house near there. His birth certificate says place of birth is Beuna Vista. I remember the old store and bridge well.

  2. Ah, I was trying to find a “FOLLOW” button so I could follow the blog in WordPress Reader, since I don’t use email to keep up with blogs. I couldn’t find anything to click, and also the reader search did not seem to find Kitchen Sink Historian… but then I thought to search for johnbrassardjr – and all is well. That’s me following, now.

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