Episode 24: The Hermit’s Sentry

Charles Strelow couldn’t watch over his hidden fortune all the time, so he bought a dog. Trained to be vicious, it looked like the end when Charles left the farm. But fate intervened. What happened to the hermit’s sentry?




Reverses In Chicago Realty Led Two Strelow Brothers To Hoard Their Money and Become Hermits. The Lincoln Star, 11/20/1925

Strelow Urges Destruction of Faithful Guardian of Treasure. Lincoln Journal Star, 11/21/1925

Watchdog of Strelow Brothers A Zealous, Vicious Guardian of Treasure They Hoarded. The Lincoln Star, 11/22/1925

Guardian of the Strelow Fortune is Left Out In Cold By Masters Will. Lincoln Journal Star, 1/29/1926

Strelow Shepherd Dog Latest Claimant of Share In Estate. The Lincoln Star, 1/29/1926

Strelow Dog Finds Home. Lincoln Journal Star, 2/3/1926


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