Episode 13: The Last Walk Home

In 1943, Lt. Naomi Cheney came to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to serve her country during World War II. Instead, her unsolved murder became the oldest in Sioux Falls history when she took her last walk home.

Lt. Naomi Cheney in uniform. Courtesy of the Argus-Leader.
WAC Advertisement During World War II
Sioux Falls Police Chief Fred J. Searls examines Cheney’s visor cap. Courtesy of the Argus-Leader


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Death Probe Goes Slowly in WAC Case. Argus-Leader, 10/7/1943

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Blood, Hair Examined As Likely Clues. Argus-Leader, 10/8/1943

Cabin Probed For Clues in WAC Slaying. Argus-Leader, 10/9/1943

Same Store Brand Found On WAC’s Tie. Argus-Leader, 10/10/1943

Coroner Probe Of WAC Death Opens Tuesday. Argus-Leader, 10/11/1943

Jury Retires to Make Study of Testimony. Argus-Leader, 10/12/1943

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Soothsayers Quizzed in WAC Murder. The Daily Argus-Leader, 11/23/1943

Seers Sought in  WAC Murder. Rapid City Daily Journal, 11/24/1943

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