Episode 53: The Insane Doctor: Medicine, Drugs, and Murder in a Small-Town

Dr. George Appleby was everything a small-town doctor should be: polite, gentle, and caring. But under the surface seethed hidden secret that would burst forth one dark day in 1900.



‘Mad Deed of A Doctor.’ The Courier, 1/10/1900

‘Dr. Appleby’s Crime.’ The Evening Times-Republican, 1/10/1900

‘Insane Doctor’s Crime.’ The Des Moines Register, 1/10/1900

Doctor’s Awful Act. The Davenport Democrat, 1/10/1900

‘Shocking Deed.’ The Davenport Weekly Reader, 1/12/1900

‘May Charge Murder.’ The Courier, 3/09/1900

‘Appleby’s Condition.’ The Courier, 3/16/1900

The Greene Recorder, 5/8/1912

‘Mrs. G.W. Appleby at Bristow Passes Away.’ The Greene Recorder, 4/10/1929

‘Mrs. Appleby Dies at Bristow Today.’ The Courier, 4/6/1929

‘Widespread Dope Ring Broken by Doctor’s Arrest.’ The Courier, 1/31/1930

‘’Dope’ Doctor Is One Who Killed Babe At Hampton.’ The Courier, 2/1/1930

‘Physician Free on Bonds Pending Trial on Narcotic Charge.’ The Mason City Globe-Gazette, 2/1/1930

Bristow Doctor is Held to Jury. Des Moines Register, 2/1/1930

‘Two Girls Born.’ The Mason City Globe-Gazette, 3/14/1930

’10 Indicted by Federal Jury.’ The Mason City Globe-Gazette, 6/12/1930

‘Submits to Operation.’ The Mason City Globe-Gazette, 9/1/1930

‘Dr. G.W. Appleby.’ The Courier, 1/22/1943


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