Episode 25: The Would-Be Bride

In 1924, Cora Raber was a young woman who found herself in an undesired position. But she had resolved the issue, and was going to get married. Or so she thought. What happened to the Would-Be Bride?




Arden Murder Solved. The Herald-Press, 8/12/1924

Identify Dead Girl; Arrest Man. The News-Palladium, 8/12/1924

Murder Pact Charged. The Herald-Press, 8/13/1924

Delve Into Death Plot. The Herald-Press, 8/14/1924

Lovers Face Court; Denied Bail. The Herald- Press, 8/15/1924

Raber Murder is Re-Enacted By Emil Zupke. The Herald-Press, 8/15/1924

Zupke’s Sweetheart Spurns Him. The News-Palladium, 8/15/1924

New Girl Murder Clew Probed. The Herald-Press, 8/18/1924

New Version to Murder Is Made Public. The News-Palladium, 8/18/1924

Defense Prepares to Acquit M’Kinney Girl. The Herald-Press, 8/20/1924

Florence McKinney Prepares To Face Court Tomorrow. The Herald-Press, 8/21/1924

Jam Court of M’Kinney Hearing. The Herald-Press, 8/22/1924

Cuts M’Kinney Murder Charge. The News-Palladium, 8/23/1924

Zupke Pleads Guilty; Arraign Florence McKinney. The News-Palladium, 9/15/1924

Florence McKinney Arraigned In Court. The Herald-Press, 9/15/1924

Zupke, Resigned To Fate, Called A Model Prisoner. The News-Palladium, 9/17/1924

Florence McKinney’s Trial May Open Late Next Week. The Herald-Press, 9/26/1924

M’Kinney Girl Pleads Guilty. The News-Palladium, 12/4/1924

Zupke Will Face Judge. The News-Palladium, 12/8/1924

Zupke Gets Life at Marquette. The News-Palladium, 12/9/1924

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