Episode 26: An Uncommon Criminal

When Iowa policemen arrested a robbery suspect in 1947, they thought they had just apprehended the thief responsible for numerous area break-ins. They didn’t suspect that they had just caught a notorious and uncommon criminal.



Widely-Sought Criminal Nabbed.’ The Democrat and Leader, 3/9/1947 p. 1

Burglar, Wanted By the FBI For Jailbreak and Kidnapping Held to District Court Here.’ The Democrat and Leader, 3/10/1947, p. 2

Mooney, Willis To Enter Pleas on Thursday.’ The Democrat and Leader, 3/11/1947, p. 9

Mooney, Willis Cases Continued Until Tuesday.’ The Democrat and Leader, 3/20/1947, p. 15

Man Sought by FBI Draws 10-Year Term.’ The Democrat and Leader, 3/25/1947, p. 9

Fugitive Held to District Court on Burglary Charges.’ The Daily Times, 3/10/1947, p. 2

Man Arrested Here is Given Term on Kidnapping Charge.’ The Daily Times, 6/19/1948, p 6

Mooney and Willis Arraignments Are Set for Next Week.’ The Daily Times, 3/14/1947, p. 14

Last Kidnapper Sent to Prison.’ The Gettysburg Compiler, 6/26/1948

Man is Arrested as Parole Violator.’ Iowa City Press-Citizen, 10/22/1963

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