Episode 86: Pastor’s Wives Charred Remains Found in Parsonage Furnace

When Reverend Clarence Sheatsley found his wife, Addie, in the parsonage furnace, he believed that she had committed suicide. The county prosecutor thought that it was murder. What really happened to Addie Sheatsley?



Police Check Minister’s Story After Wife is Burned to Death. The Dayton Herald, 11/18/1924

Find Pastor’s Wife Burned in Furnace. The Daily Times, 11/18/1924

Perplexity. The Cincinatti Enquirer, 11/19/1924

Fails to Find Any Evidence as to Cause of Woman’s Queer Death. The Daily News-Tribune, 11/19/1924

Mrs. Sheatsley Could Have Killed Herself In Furnace, Authority on Insanity Says. The Dayton Herald, 11/20/1924

Test of Lungs Likely to Solve Furnace Death. The Dayton Herald, 11/21/1924

Confession Rumor in Furnace Case. The Dayton Herald, 11/22/1924

Fire Death Mystery Deepens; Full Medical Finding Awaited; Prosecutor Consults Alienist. The Cincinatti Enquirer, 11/23/1924

Furnace Murder Theory Gains By Discovery of Stains Like Blood. The Dayton Herald, 11/24/1924

The Body of Columbus Furnace Victim May Be Exhumed; New Evidence. The Daily News-Tribune, 11/25/1924

Sheatsley Family Will Get Respite Over Thanksgiving, When Inquiry is Resumed. The Dayton Herald, 11/26/1924

Furnace Case Suspect Under Eye of Police. The Dayton Herald, 11/27/1924

Bloodstains on Furnace Found Not Human. The Dayton Herald, 11/28/1924

Probe of Furnace Crime is Halted. The Daily Times, 11/29/1924

Clues Traced in Vain. The Cincinatti Enquirer, 11/30/1924

Rev. Sheatsley Bares Soul to His Students. The Daily News-Tribune, 12/1/1924

Tests Disclose Wife of Pastor Was Murdered. The Dayton Herald, 12/2/1924

“You Kill My Wife, I Kill Yours” –Note to Sheatsley. The Dayton Herald, 12/3/1924

Suicide is Sheatsley Verdict. The Dayton Herald, 12/4/1924

Pastor’s Wife Destroyed Self, Is Furnace Mystery Verdict; Findings of Experts Disputed. The Cincinatti Enquirer, 12/5/1924

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