Episode 88: Man Receives Bomb in Mail; Loses Hand and Part of Arm

James Chapman and his wife, Clementine, had no idea who sent the package to them in late 1922. But when they opened it to find out, one would lose their life and the other’s life would be changed forever.



Bomb Received Through Mail Injures Man and Kills Wife. Wood County Reporter, 12/28/1922

Marshfield Woman Killed by Bomb. Kenosha News, 12/28/1922

May Have Clue to Bomber. Marshfield News-Herald, 12/29/1922

Expect Arrest of Bomb Slayer Today. Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 12/29/1922

Arrest Farmer in Bomb Case. Marshfield Daily News, 12/30/1922

Leonhardt, Kris. Marshfield, July 1922: The explosive Wood County Drainage Feud – Part I. Hub City Times, 7/2/2016

Leonhardt, Kris. Marshfield, July 1922: The explosive Wood County Drainage Feud – Part II. Hub City Times, 7/13/2016

  1. Magnuson Charged with Bombing. Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 12/30/1922

County Officers Push Inquiry in Bomb Death Case. The Daily Tribune, 1/2/1923

One Death Toll Christmas Bomb. The Marshfield News-Herald, 1/4/1923

Bomb Suspect Bound Over to Circuit Court. Marshfield News-Herald, 1/5/1923

Many Marshfield Persons Called to Testify in Opening Magnusson Trial. Marshfield News-Herald, 3/21/1923

Bomb Victim Called to Testify in Magnusson Case. The Daily Tribune, 3/21/1923

Explosives Expert Takes Stand in Murder Trial at Wisconsin Rapids Today. Marshfield News-Herald, 3/23/1923

Magnusson Address Bomb, Experts Say. The Daily Tribune, 3/24/1923

Magnusson Case May Go to Jury for Verdict Thursday Defendant Took Stand Today. Marshfield News-Herald, 3/28/1923

Hold Magnusson Guilty. Marshfield News-Herald, 3/31/1923

Magnusson Sentenced, Off for Prison. Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 4/4/1923.

Whetstone, Rhonda. Unpopular board decision linked to fatal bombing. Marshfield News Herald, 12/19/2016





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