Episode 113: The Murder of Marie Whynack

When Johann Whynack married his Marie, he hoped that they would spend the rest of their lives happily ever after. But Marie loved another man and saw no reason to stop seeing him even after she was married. As the marriage continued, the love triangle quickly took a toll on their lives as it spiraled into physical abuse and murder.


Crosses Ocean to Steal Wife of Another Man. Davenport Democrat and Leader, 4/30/1914

Husband and Wife to Make New Start. Davenport Democrat and Leader, 5/1/1914

Davenport Democrat and Leader, 5/15/1914

Austrian Faces Charge Murder in First Degree and Life Imprisonment. Davenport Democrat and Leader, 6/8/1914

Austian Murders Wife by Hacking Her with a Sharp Butcher Knife. The Daily Times, 6/8/1914

Accused “Lover” Was in Country. The Daily Times, 6/8/1914

Coroner’s Jury Charges Murder. The Daily Times, 6/9/1914

Johann Case Dismissed. The Daily Times 6/11/1914

Thinks Penalty Will Be Light. The Davenport Democrat and Leader, 9/29/1914

Says He Will Only Get Year. The Daily Times, 9/29/1914

Ask Change of Venue in Case Against Johann. The Daily Times, 10/5/1914

Slayer to Take Stand to Tell of Wife’s Infidelity in Fight to Save Own Life. The Davenport Democrat and Leader, 10/8/1914

State Rests Case Shortly Before Noon. The Daily Times, 10/8/1914

Murderer Weeps at Sight of Knife Which was Used to End Life of His Wife. Davenport Democrat and Leader, 10/9/1914

Says he Does Not Remember Killing Wife. The Daily Times, 10/10/1914

Statement Not Own Free Will. The Daily Times, 10/13/1914

Whynack Johann Found Guilty of Murdering Wife. The Daily Times, 10/14/1914

 Whynack Johan is Discharged. The Daily Times, 9/19/1921


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