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Episode 24: The Hermit’s Sentry

Charles Strelow couldn’t watch over his hidden fortune all the time, so he bought a dog. Trained to be vicious, it looked like the end when Charles left the farm. But fate intervened. What happened to the hermit’s sentry?   Sources   Reverses In… Continue Reading “Episode 24: The Hermit’s Sentry”

The Hermit’s Sentry

I hate movies where the dogs die. I always have. As a kid growing up in the 1980’s, I could watch the greatest action heroes of the day slaughter armies of bad guys and not bat an eye. Kill the dog – the movie… Continue Reading “The Hermit’s Sentry”

Episode 23: The Strelow Brother’s Hidden Fortune

Charles Strelow lived as a virtual hermit. For decades, there were stories of a small fortune hidden on his Nebraska farm. In 1925, authorities were shocked to discover that the legend was true.     Sources Releases in Chicago Realty Led to Strelow Brothers… Continue Reading “Episode 23: The Strelow Brother’s Hidden Fortune”