The Tinsmith’s Ghost

There's nothing quite like moving into a new house. In most cases, a new buyer obviously likes it, otherwise they never would have bought it. They like the layout, the features. In an older home, people often talk about liking the character of the home. There's something about how it feels. Still, it takes a... Continue Reading →

The Strange Death of Carl Albright

The wind howled, and the dog howled, too. The air was cold, turning the Nebraska plains into a frigid tundra where no man wanted to stay for long. This was especially true for the dog’s owner, a Cass County, Nebraska farmer named P.M. Nord. The dog was barking at something, and wouldn’t come when Nord... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Bedroom Door

On the afternoon of January 20, 1922, May Lewis returned home from school. She went to find her parents, Charles and Fay. Not seeing anyone, she called out for them. No one answered. Thinking that they might be in their bedroom, she tried the door. It was shut tight, and nothing she could do would... Continue Reading →

Loving Henry

The following subject matter is of a very sensitive nature. Some people may find it very disturbing, and discretion is strongly advised. The names of the victims have been changed to protect both theirs and their family’s privacy.   ---    Davenport, Iowa, had hosted more than their fair share of entrepreneurs by late 1907,... Continue Reading →

Suicide over Starvation

Pioneers who rolled across the Midwestern Prairies during the 19th century came with big hopes and dreams. But they had to survive the dangers of the wilderness first. They needed food and water, but they also needed shelter. Pioneers absolutely needed a place where they could stay safe from the harsh winters and raging thunderstorms.... Continue Reading →

Rising From the Flames

The world was breathing a little easier at the end of 1945. For the past several years, the Second World War had raged across the globe. Towns and cities had been razed throughout the Pacific and across Europe. Millions had lost their lives during the course of the conflict. Now, the war was finally over.... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Deadly Delivery

We love getting presents in the mail. But what happens when something so ordinary turns deadly? One unfortunate farm family in 1922 Wisconsin found out first hand when they received a deadly delivery. Sources Mystery Still Shrouds Chilton Death. The Sheboygan Press, 11/25/1922 Poison Candy is Blamed For Woman's Death. The Daily News and The... Continue Reading →

Deadly Delivery

Getting mail is a strange thing. On one hand, we hate it. We hate getting junk mail, and who looks forward to getting bills every month? There's the electric bill, the water bill, the rent payment, medical expenses, and on, and on, and on. The mail seems to bring us a never-ending torrent of credit... Continue Reading →

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