Rising From the Flames

The world was breathing a little easier at the end of 1945. For the past several years, the Second World War had raged across the globe. Towns and cities had been razed throughout the Pacific and across Europe. Millions had lost their lives during the course of the conflict. Now, the war was finally over.... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Ones

 Guy Gilbert was probably a little surprised when his son Gene showed up on the doorstep of his Yale, South Dakota home.    While far from unwelcome, Gene hadn’t said anything about coming for a visit. But here he was just the same. Guy welcomed Gene inside.  Guy Jr., Gene’s brother, was also there, and... Continue Reading →

Buena Vista: Bridge to the End

I doubt that Frederick Rothstein thought much about bridges when he was living at Allen's Grove, Iowa. They were probably one of the furthest things from his mind. A miller by trade, Rothstein had a lucrative business. He had a combination saw and grist mill, powered by steam. Rothstein had an abundance of fuel and... Continue Reading →

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