Episode 18: Lost in Despair

Mary and Alonzo Singer were murdered in their rural Indiana home with an axe. What events led up to it, and what did it have to do with a lonely teamster named Charles Clark?       Sources Dies of Pneumonia. The Kokomo Tribune, 10/2/1933 Two Brutal Murders and Suicide Shock Fulton County Area. Logansport... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Deadly Delivery

We love getting presents in the mail. But what happens when something so ordinary turns deadly? One unfortunate farm family in 1922 Wisconsin found out first hand when they received a deadly delivery. Sources Mystery Still Shrouds Chilton Death. The Sheboygan Press, 11/25/1922 Poison Candy is Blamed For Woman's Death. The Daily News and The... Continue Reading →

Deadly Delivery

Getting mail is a strange thing. On one hand, we hate it. We hate getting junk mail, and who looks forward to getting bills every month? There's the electric bill, the water bill, the rent payment, medical expenses, and on, and on, and on. The mail seems to bring us a never-ending torrent of credit... Continue Reading →

The Last Walk Home

Lt. Naomi Kathleen Cheney looked at the solider standing guard at Gate No. 3 of the Technical School, AAF (Army Air Forces) Training Command. She had just transferred to Sioux Falls, South Dakota after receiving her officer's commission a few months earlier. It was early October 1943, and World War II was raging across Europe... Continue Reading →

Episode 13: The Last Walk Home

In 1943, Lt. Naomi Cheney came to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to serve her country during World War II. Instead, her unsolved murder became the oldest in Sioux Falls history when she took her last walk home. Sources Body of Brunette Lieutenant Found Near Viaduct Here. Argus-Leader, 10/6/1943 Death Probe Goes Slowly in WAC Case.... Continue Reading →

Episode 12: Premonitions of Doom

In 1898, Judge John Dillon was rich and successful. But when his wife and daughter were about to travel to Europe, eerie premonitions of impending disaster would change his life forever.     SourcesĀ  Downer, Harry E. A History of Davenport and Scott County, Iowa. Volume II. Chicago; S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1910. Asheville Citizen-Times.... Continue Reading →

Premonitions of Doom

John F. Dillon stood, inspecting the monument in front of him. Fall had already taken a firm hold on the region, the kaleidoscope of orange and red leaves providing a beautiful backdrop for the granite obelisk. Forty feet from base to tip, it was exactly what Dillon had paid for. Now, looking at it again,... Continue Reading →

Stolen Lives

The day had started out normally for 18-year-old Walter Garenz. He woke up that morning, got dressed, and had breakfast with his employer, Christian Schindledecker. Shindledecker was a butcher, and Garenz worked for him at his shop, doing chores and making deliveries. He was a good boy and worked hard, so Christian didn't mind renting... Continue Reading →

Episode 10: Stolen Lives

In 1905, a St. Paul, Minnesota butcher was brutally murdered in his shop. When police began investigating, little did they know that they were on the trail of one of the most cold-blooded killers they had ever seen.     Sources Murderer Chops Victim to Pieces In Butcher Shop. The Saint Paul Globe, 2/19/1905 Fatal... Continue Reading →

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