Premonitions of Doom

John F. Dillon stood, inspecting the monument in front of him. Fall had already taken a firm hold on the region, the kaleidoscope of orange and red leaves providing a beautiful backdrop for the granite obelisk. Forty feet from base to tip, it was exactly what Dillon had paid for. Now, looking at it again,... Continue Reading →

Stolen Lives

The day had started out normally for 18-year-old Walter Garenz. He woke up that morning, got dressed, and had breakfast with his employer, Christian Schindledecker. Shindledecker was a butcher, and Garenz worked for him at his shop, doing chores and making deliveries. He was a good boy and worked hard, so Christian didn't mind renting... Continue Reading →

Episode 10: Stolen Lives

In 1905, a St. Paul, Minnesota butcher was brutally murdered in his shop. When police began investigating, little did they know that they were on the trail of one of the most cold-blooded killers they had ever seen.     Sources Murderer Chops Victim to Pieces In Butcher Shop. The Saint Paul Globe, 2/19/1905 Fatal... Continue Reading →

Unseen Malady

Thomas Clark was hungry. A lot of people think they’ve been hungry because they skipped lunch one afternoon, but that’s not hunger. Hunger is not remembering when you last ate, and not knowing when you’re going to eat again. True hunger is like an animal, clawing and barking and snapping, demanding to be fed. The... Continue Reading →

Episode 9: Unseen Malady

Thomas Clark seemed like an ordinary Indiana farmer until he went away to the asylum. They said he was cured. But, in 1922, he committed a horrible crime that proved that his unseen malady was far from improved.           Sources   Posse Chasing Huntington Murderer. The Huntington Herald, 11/16/1922 Huntington County... Continue Reading →

Episode 8: Uninvited Guests

In the late 1960's, a fraternity in Davenport, Iowa moved into a comfortable new chapter home. Before long, they discovered that a spectral visitor also came with the property. How would you handle this uninvited guest?   Sources: Sheridan, Joe. Irene Hughes - Psychic Investigator. Quad City Times, 5/15/1977 Steiger, Brad. Psychic Safaris. Quad City... Continue Reading →

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