Episode 32: The Accidentally Deliberate Murder of Augusta Bartz

16-year-old Augusta Bartz was murdered in  1892. Even though her killer, Herman Boek, shotgunned her in the middle of road in broad daylight, he later claimed that although he had intended to commit murder, he had shot Augusta by accident. Come and learn the strange and tragic story this week at the table.

6 thoughts on “Episode 32: The Accidentally Deliberate Murder of Augusta Bartz”

  1. Hi, love the podcast. I was curious about this, so i looked on findagrave and found that she died in 1896. i tried putting a link to it in here, but it won’t take it, so her memorial # is 71875274. thanks for all the cool local history, I live in Janesville, IA.
    thanks again

  2. Hi! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the podcast. I took a look at her headstone on find a grave. I’m very pleased to see that it’s still in such great condition. That is certainly not always the case. And I love your area! I was just close to Janesville not too long ago. Glad that I can pass on the local history!

  3. Just found your site and you have interesting stories and good reads, wondering how you find your stories and sources.

    1. Good question! Some I find while going through contemporary sources (newspapers, county histories, diaries, etc.) while others have been suggestions sent to me by fans. For research, I start at one of those points and then use other sources to support information found there using genealogical and historical methodologies. This would be anything from coroners inquest records to census records to various vital records.

  4. You nailed this one, good job. It is very similar to the account I have heard thru the generations. Augusta would have been my great aunt and Mathilda was my great grandmother.

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