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Episode 35: Frozen Secrets

   In 1927, William Coffey was a middle-aged newlywed on top of the world. His wife’s family began to suspect that something wasn’t quite right with him when they hadn’t heard from her. While they thought he was a con man, they had no… Continue Reading “Episode 35: Frozen Secrets”

Frozen Secrets

January is a cold month in the Midwest, especially in Wisconsin. The temperatures routinely hover around the freezing point, and often dip much further below that for days on end. Snow often falls thick, covering the landscape in an unending blanket of white. Still,… Continue Reading “Frozen Secrets”

Episode 27: A Dark and Haunted Holiday

   Some relatives are unwelcome at Christmas. Some are rude. Some look down on you. Some are unwelcome because they’re already dead. In 1937, a dead man allegedly compelled his son to commit a terrible crime at Christmas.   Sources Vesper Youth Confesses ‘Spiritual… Continue Reading “Episode 27: A Dark and Haunted Holiday”

A Dark and Haunted Holiday

Christmas morning is something that’s looked forward to by families all over the country. It’s a time to gather with family in a warm, loving space protected from the colder weather that can dominate so many regions during that time of year. The brightly-lit… Continue Reading “A Dark and Haunted Holiday”

Episode 14: Deadly Delivery

We love getting presents in the mail. But what happens when something so ordinary turns deadly? One unfortunate farm family in 1922 Wisconsin found out first hand when they received a deadly delivery. Sources Mystery Still Shrouds Chilton Death. The Sheboygan Press, 11/25/1922 Poison… Continue Reading “Episode 14: Deadly Delivery”

Deadly Delivery

Getting mail is a strange thing. On one hand, we hate it. We hate getting junk mail, and who looks forward to getting bills every month? There’s the electric bill, the water bill, the rent payment, medical expenses, and on, and on, and on.… Continue Reading “Deadly Delivery”

Episode 7: The Night Turned Into Day: The Stanley Packamore Murder

In 1925, a terrible event took place in Wisconsin that literally shook a city and left one man dead. The police were baffled, until the culprit was revealed in an unlikely set of circumstances.   Sources Racine Steel celebrates 100 years. The Journal Times,… Continue Reading “Episode 7: The Night Turned Into Day: The Stanley Packamore Murder”

The Night Turned Into Day: The Stanley Packamore Murder

24-hour, late night restaurants are a normal, accepted institution in the modern world. While some establishments have discontinued round the clock services, there are several that still offer them. They cater to the late-night crowd – students, second and third shifters, police, doctors, and… Continue Reading “The Night Turned Into Day: The Stanley Packamore Murder”