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Episode 6: And the Rain Fell, And the Water Rose….

Floods are a dangerous fact of life in the Midwest. So many of those who live here have experienced horrific flooding over the years, bonding them together through shared memories and similar circumstances. One such event happened in 1958, when a terrible flash flood… Continue Reading “Episode 6: And the Rain Fell, And the Water Rose….”

And the Rain Fell, and the Waters Rose….

Just south of the town of Atlantic, Iowa, is a roadside attraction called the Plow in the Tree, within sight of the Nishnabotna River. It delivers exactly what the name says – it’s a plow in a tree. The story is that in the… Continue Reading “And the Rain Fell, and the Waters Rose….”

The Audubon-Exira-Hamlin Flood of 1958

     Flash floods are some of the most devastating natural disasters in the world. They can come without warning, destroying everything in their path. Iowa is no stranger to them. Although there have been many throughout the years, one still stands out in… Continue Reading “The Audubon-Exira-Hamlin Flood of 1958”