Episode 80: Who Killed Thaddeus Fancher?

All Thaddeus Fancher wanted to do was have a drink. But when a group of robbers came into the bar, his night would end in death. Who had killed him, and what ties did they have to one of the most vicious killers in prohibition-era Chicago?




Two Seized on Girl’s Charge of Attack in Auto. Chicago Tribune, 11/17/1917

Murder Case Kidnaper Held in Los Angeles. Chicago Tribune, 6/16/1918

Dear and 3 Bandits Break Jail. Chicago Tribune, 9/13/1918

Bopp, Near Gallows, to Appeal to Lowden Today. Chicago Tribune, 12/5/1918

City’s ‘Big’ Crime Laid to 11,000 Drug Addicts. Chicago Tribune, 12/7/1918

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Man Shot by Bandits Dies. The Indianapolis Star, 5/7/1924

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May Seek a Change of Venue. The Times, 5/17/1924

Cedar Lake Killers on Trial Next Week. The Times, 5/27/1924

Murderer Gets Life Sentence. The Indianapolis Star, 11/12/1924

M’Aleer to Prosecute Bandits. The Times, 9/25/1924

Indicted Girl for Murder. The Times, 10/4//1924

Woman Indicted for Shooting Man. The Star Press, 10/5/1924

Case Opens Today at Valparaiso. The Times, 10/13/1924

Sets Aside Venire in Murder Trial: No Women in List. The Star Press, 10/16/1924

Sensation in Murder Case at Valparaiso. The Times, 10/17/1924

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Jury is Expected This Eve. The Times, 10/29/1924

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Roadhouse Shambles a Witness Says. The Times, 11/1/1924

Identifies Shooting Gunman. The Times, 11/3/1924

Gangsters Branded as Ruthless. The Times, 11/4/1924

Trail of O’Reilly Resumes. The Times, 11/6/1924

O’Reilly is Found Guilty. The Times, 11/12/1924

M’Cabe On Trial Next Week for Killing Fancher. The Times, 11/19/1924

Valpo Court Fans Find Out All About O’Brien. The Times, 11/22/1924

Getting Jury for M’Cabe at Valpo. The Times, 11/25/1924

Cochran Tells of Murder. The Times, 11/29/1924

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McCabe, Happy but Happy, Awaits Action of the State. The Times, 12/6/1924

Mrs. Anna Tulke Released on Bond. The Times, 1/24/1925

Second Trial of Alex M’Cabe Starts Monday. The Times, 2/4/1925

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Valparaiso Speculates on M’Cabe Case. The Times, 2/7/1925

Court Refuses Honor Motion. The Times, 2/26/1925

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Murder Case to Jury at Valpo. The Times, 3/27/1925

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Road House Proprietress for M’Cabe. The Times, 10/8/1925

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Sheriff Will Try to Get M’Erlane for Fancher Killing. The Times, 4/24/1926

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Issues Writ for McErlane. The Times, 4/27/1926

Sheriff Strong Renews Fight. The Times, 4/28/1926

Gangster’s Hearing on Monday. The Times, 4/29/1926

Sheriff Strong Goes to Springfield Monday. The Times, 5/1/1926

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  1. M’Erlane Fights Trial. The Times, 5/12/1926

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Judge to See O’Reilley. The Times, 6/14/1926

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Extra! The Times, 2/15/1927

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