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Month: December 2017

How One Man Improved Farmer’s Lives, Revolutionized the Railroad Industry, and Re-Invented the Wheel

William Bettendorf showed a passion and talent for invention from an early age. Raised by German immigrants first in Illinois and then later near Leavenworth,…

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Attempted Murder and Suicide in Delmar, Iowa: The George Scott Story

   Life in rural Clinton County could be hard, just like it could be everywhere else. But, for the most part, it was a good, clean place to live. It was a place that you could settle down with your family and not really worry about anything bad happening to you and yours.
   But, sometimes, the biggest threat to a family comes from within.


DeWitt, Iowa Pioneer Farmer Makes Small Fortune Playing Antique Violin

I’ve always admired people who could play an instrument, especially those who could do it well. In the 1800’s, a DeWitt, Iowa pioneer used his musical talent to not only entertain, but build a small fortune. Do you have any ancestors who were musically inclined? Drop by and tell me about them sometime!

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