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Episode 22: The Tinsmith’s Ghost

Even familiar noises can seem odd in a new house. In 1887, one woman tried to explain away the mysterious footsteps she heard as natural. But when the strange man started to appear, she knew otherwise.   Sources United States Federal Records Rock Island,… Continue Reading “Episode 22: The Tinsmith’s Ghost”

The Tinsmith’s Ghost

There’s nothing quite like moving into a new house. In most cases, a new buyer obviously likes it, otherwise they never would have bought it. They like the layout, the features. In an older home, people often talk about liking the character of the… Continue Reading “The Tinsmith’s Ghost”

The Spirit of Joseph Stroehle

   It takes a little bit to get used to a new house.    Houses make noises. Furnaces kick on, air conditioners start up, floors creek, windows rattle. When you first move in, these are all familiar sounds, but the house is still unfamiliar.… Continue Reading “The Spirit of Joseph Stroehle”