Praise for John Brassard Jr, the Kitchen Table Historian: 

Absolutely one of my favorite podcasts! I have listened to all of them several times! I love history and true crime. Great stories and very well told. Its everything you could want in a true crime podcast. Would highly recommend.Shannon Dietzen Powell

Very interesting reads! I enjoy all of them! Some are pretty unbelievable but only point out how much evil lurks in the mind of a person.Nancy Boyum-Helland

The Kitchen Table Historian provides a unique collection of stories you would have a hard time finding anywhere else. This combined with the author’s natural ability for story telling leave you with many interesting reads.Tyler Renkes

His unique style of retelling obscure pieces of history.Shirlee Fowler Taylor

The Kitchen Table Historian finds events that have been lost to time, researches them thoroughly, then brings those stories to life to present to us today. Always an enjoyable read! I liked his online stories so much that I purchased his book, “Murder & Mayhem in Scott County” as a gift for my father. I look forward to reading it myself but I’ll have to wait as my dad is currently enjoying it and my mother has announced she’s next in line! – Ann Marie Rock

Great Narration! What a wonderful podcast. Keep up the good work.hippo 1716 via Apple Podcasts

Great information. Well written. Love that he has multiple sources where you can follow him! Great Work!rkennebeck via apple podcasts

I have been following The Kitchen Table Historian for a while on both Facebook..and now iTunes. Some of the subjects are fascinating…some are funny….some are sad….some i may have known….some I didn’t. These are a wonderful way to continue learning about the world around me. I’m so glad to see them gain more popularity.ohn in dsm, 02/14/2019

I’m sure I’ll be upgrading this to 5 stars soon, but I want to give my honest feedback. This is a fairly new podcast, and while I think it’s a great concept, and the host does a wonderful job of narrating, the first ones spend a little too much time on the music. But, as more episodes came out, I heard a dramatic improvement. The only reason I’m going with 4 stars right now is because I’d like them to be a little longer and more in-depth. But maybe that’s just me. I think this is already very good and has a lot more potential. I’m looking forward to hearing more!Anne HW via Apple Podcasts

If you like your true crime with a dose of quirkiness, this is the podcast. True stories related in a delightful fashion, with a little comment and a little humour. He has an excellent speaking voice so it’s very east listening. Fascinating and well worth your time. – Tgirl2500 bia Apple Podcasts

all of it, please don’t change a thing,I’m going to share with my daughter and friendsRose Kessinger

Love reading his blogs and sharing them with others.- Betty Briner Davidson

Real life crime stories told to me is a win winStacy Elliott

I love the stories. Very interestingCarla Russell

I love his stories and listening to his voice. Don’t listen in the dark.Dotty DeLong

My favorite podcast. Dark, historical, and often eccentric stories brought back to life without the cumbersome jibber jabber you often hear on podcasts. Narrated in a smooth and melodic voice the stories are straight to the point without unnecessary theatrics.Amber Harville

Reminds me of NCIS shows I watch, only these are true.Linda Stone

John really knows how to tell a good story, always has. It doesn’t hurt that I’m his Mom.JohnTammy Brassard

The podcasts are interesting as well as entertaining. And as a bonus Mr. Brassard has a well modulated voice which enhances the listening experience.Michael Subo

It’s good to read, the story’s are interesting!!Natasha Welch

Great story teller! keep up the great work and tell the forgotten stories. Please do one on the Villisca house.Ray Oder

love this site. love the stories.JeanAnn Walter

if you are a fan of history whether good or bad , you will find this an interesting place to visit. see ya aroundDonna Colyer-Bethel

cool and lots of fun to read cool infoVicki Orris

True to the heart, from what I’ve read. I’m very interested in reading more. And boy do I have some stories to share. Lol! “My granny, was a hoot, and a holler, never a dull moment. Somebody needs to hear the stories. Thank you for being, interested, looking forward to your Post. – Inez Bradley
Such a great blog if you’re interested in learning some little known Iowa history!Jenny Lassen Boeye
Well written and put together, easy to read and very interesting and entertaining historic incidents that have happened. Always look forward to the newest story!Sarah Francois
I love the stories! Great writing that keeps me interested till the end!Lisa Ann Wertz
Love this page. Interesting tales of Iowa lore!Linda Reighard Tolle
Love this page. Interesting tales of Iowa lore! – Darry Kannenberg
When reading one of The Kitchen Table Historian’s “stories”, you will find: careful attention to details, facts (with links to the source) and the artistic ability necessary to weave a fine tale! I look forward to each of his works and appreciate the FB updates, letting me know when another interesting, historical Iowa episode is available. If you love Iowa history and a good, quirky human interest story, you will not be disappointed!Teri Suiter
Interesting stories from history.Theresa L. Reiter
Very interesting history you won’t find anywhere else. Keep them coming and thank you.Robert Wilmeth
I love all the stories and can’t wait for each new one! Thank you for taking the time to research, write and share with us!Carol Henry
The Kitchen Table Historian is a refreshing read as it reaches back across the decades and dusts off the stories of the founders as well as the lives of the every day people who settled Iowa.Nancy Morris Boyd
I love this page! The stories are very well researched, full of information, and very enjoyable to read! The only thing I regret is that my mother, a 83 year resident of Scott county, passed away before she could enjoy the page as well! Thank you for taking the time and effort in making this page possible!Becky Rathmann
I look forward to reading your article every week! Always well written and informative, I’ve learned a few things about my hometown and look forward for more to come!Boco RC
Very interesting history page!Jeffrey Stark
The Kitchen Table Historian tells the tales we vaguely remember hearing about or reading. He does a tremendous job of making history interesting with his snippets of the who and what of long ago. Great reads!Bee Klemzak

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  1. I enjoyed your Beuna Vista story! My dad and his siblings were born in a farm house near there. His birth certificate says place of birth is Beuna Vista. I remember the old store and bridge well.

  2. Ah, I was trying to find a “FOLLOW” button so I could follow the blog in WordPress Reader, since I don’t use email to keep up with blogs. I couldn’t find anything to click, and also the reader search did not seem to find Kitchen Sink Historian… but then I thought to search for johnbrassardjr – and all is well. That’s me following, now.

  3. I love your story telling. I love the hidden history that we did not learn about in school. Keep up the great work!

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