Episode 17: Loving Henry

In 1907, Henry Warren walked into a local newspaper and placed an ad for a wife. He became a sensation, and was dubbed 'Loving Henry.' But Warren was harboring a dark secret that was only revealed decades later.     Sources Loving Henry Gets Boost By Prominent City Officials. The Davenport Democrat and Leader, 12/22/1907... Continue Reading →

Loving Henry

The following subject matter is of a very sensitive nature. Some people may find it very disturbing, and discretion is strongly advised. The names of the victims have been changed to protect both theirs and their family’s privacy.   ---    Davenport, Iowa, had hosted more than their fair share of entrepreneurs by late 1907,... Continue Reading →

Premonitions of Doom

John F. Dillon stood, inspecting the monument in front of him. Fall had already taken a firm hold on the region, the kaleidoscope of orange and red leaves providing a beautiful backdrop for the granite obelisk. Forty feet from base to tip, it was exactly what Dillon had paid for. Now, looking at it again,... Continue Reading →

Uninvited Guests

It was the Spring of 1972, and a group of young men in Davenport, Iowa were hosting a very unusual woman as their guest. This isn't to say that she was rude and untoward; quite the contrary. A southern-born woman who had called Chicago her home for several years, their guest was very polite and... Continue Reading →

Episode 8: Uninvited Guests

In the late 1960's, a fraternity in Davenport, Iowa moved into a comfortable new chapter home. Before long, they discovered that a spectral visitor also came with the property. How would you handle this uninvited guest?   Sources: Sheridan, Joe. Irene Hughes - Psychic Investigator. Quad City Times, 5/15/1977 Steiger, Brad. Psychic Safaris. Quad City... Continue Reading →

Episode 5: The Giant of Scott County

Sometimes the smallest things can ide some of the biggest stories. Or, in this case, the legend of a man large enough to take on the name of a mythical creature and become a legend in his own time.     Sources Wundrum, Bill. ‘He Ate the Whole Thing.’ Quad City Times, 11/28/1985 Ramaciti, Dave.... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Bloody Matrimony

In 1914, Johann Whynack was married to the love of his life. He would put up with nearly anything; endure almost anything, for his Marie. But Marie didn't care, and continually spurned his affections. As much as he loved her, every person has their breaking point, and in a split second, Johann brought the issue... Continue Reading →

Struck Down in the Dark

  Charles Englehart had been successful in his life. Originally from Grandview, Iowa, he had moved to Davenport, Iowa as a young man and become a barber. For years he had been employed at the prestigious Hotel Blackhawk, cutting the hair of well-to-do patrons who needed to look their absolute best in order to impress... Continue Reading →

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