Premonitions of Doom

John F. Dillon stood, inspecting the monument in front of him. Fall had already taken a firm hold on the region, the kaleidoscope of orange and red leaves providing a beautiful backdrop for the granite obelisk. Forty feet from base to tip, it was exactly what Dillon had paid for. Now, looking at it again,... Continue Reading →

Uninvited Guests

It was the Spring of 1972, and a group of young men in Davenport, Iowa were hosting a very unusual woman as their guest. This isn't to say that she was rude and untoward; quite the contrary. A southern-born woman who had called Chicago her home for several years, their guest was very polite and... Continue Reading →

Episode 8: Uninvited Guests

In the late 1960's, a fraternity in Davenport, Iowa moved into a comfortable new chapter home. Before long, they discovered that a spectral visitor also came with the property. How would you handle this uninvited guest?   Sources: Sheridan, Joe. Irene Hughes - Psychic Investigator. Quad City Times, 5/15/1977 Steiger, Brad. Psychic Safaris. Quad City... Continue Reading →

Episode 5: The Giant of Scott County

Sometimes the smallest things can ide some of the biggest stories. Or, in this case, the legend of a man large enough to take on the name of a mythical creature and become a legend in his own time.     Sources Wundrum, Bill. ‘He Ate the Whole Thing.’ Quad City Times, 11/28/1985 Ramaciti, Dave.... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Bloody Matrimony

In 1914, Johann Whynack was married to the love of his life. He would put up with nearly anything; endure almost anything, for his Marie. But Marie didn't care, and continually spurned his affections. As much as he loved her, every person has their breaking point, and in a split second, Johann brought the issue... Continue Reading →

Struck Down in the Dark

  Charles Englehart had been successful in his life. Originally from Grandview, Iowa, he had moved to Davenport, Iowa as a young man and become a barber. For years he had been employed at the prestigious Hotel Blackhawk, cutting the hair of well-to-do patrons who needed to look their absolute best in order to impress... Continue Reading →

The End of an Era: The Death of Oscar Staby

This week we're serving up a main course of sudden endings at the table. Oscar Staby was the stepson of an industry giant, and very successful in his own right. But what drove him to a shocking act at his Los Angeles home in 1927? Pull up a chair and find out.

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