The Tinsmith’s Ghost

There's nothing quite like moving into a new house. In most cases, a new buyer obviously likes it, otherwise they never would have bought it. They like the layout, the features. In an older home, people often talk about liking the character of the home. There's something about how it feels. Still, it takes a... Continue Reading →

The Strange Death of Carl Albright

The wind howled, and the dog howled, too. The air was cold, turning the Nebraska plains into a frigid tundra where no man wanted to stay for long. This was especially true for the dog’s owner, a Cass County, Nebraska farmer named P.M. Nord. The dog was barking at something, and wouldn’t come when Nord... Continue Reading →

Episode 20: The Harry Singer Murders

Locals suspected that something was off when Harry Singer started selling his boss' belongings. Never would they have guessed the truth. What had happened to the Wesley family, and what did Singer know about it?     Sources The Noblesville Ledger, 7/4/1936 Young Hold Up Victim Dies In Wabash County Hospital. Muncie Evening Press, 7/7/1936... Continue Reading →

Episode 19: Beyond the Bedroom Door

When May Lewis came home, no one else was there. Where had her parents gone, and what was behind the bedroom door that wouldn't open?     Sources Former Brazil Man Kills Wife; Ends Own Life. The Brazil Daily Times. 1/21/1922 Cuts Off Wife’s Head and Then Kills Self. The Indianapolis News, 1/21/1922 Miner Cuts... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Bedroom Door

On the afternoon of January 20, 1922, May Lewis returned home from school. She went to find her parents, Charles and Fay. Not seeing anyone, she called out for them. No one answered. Thinking that they might be in their bedroom, she tried the door. It was shut tight, and nothing she could do would... Continue Reading →

Episode 18: Lost in Despair

Mary and Alonzo Singer were murdered in their rural Indiana home with an axe. What events led up to it, and what did it have to do with a lonely teamster named Charles Clark?       Sources Dies of Pneumonia. The Kokomo Tribune, 10/2/1933 Two Brutal Murders and Suicide Shock Fulton County Area. Logansport... Continue Reading →

Episode 17: Loving Henry

In 1907, Henry Warren walked into a local newspaper and placed an ad for a wife. He became a sensation, and was dubbed 'Loving Henry.' But Warren was harboring a dark secret that was only revealed decades later.     Sources Loving Henry Gets Boost By Prominent City Officials. The Davenport Democrat and Leader, 12/22/1907... Continue Reading →

Loving Henry

The following subject matter is of a very sensitive nature. Some people may find it very disturbing, and discretion is strongly advised. The names of the victims have been changed to protect both theirs and their family’s privacy.   ---    Davenport, Iowa, had hosted more than their fair share of entrepreneurs by late 1907,... Continue Reading →

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