A Historian Visits Hell … Claus Hell

Historians can be an odd breed. Most of us are inclined to spend a good deal of time reading about people long gone from this world. We learn about their lives, their wants, their passions. We are, in many ways, caretakers of the dead. It should come as no surprise then that we have a... Continue Reading →

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Episode 33: The Scars of Loss

Mabel Moore and William Stewart each lost a spouse in the early 20th Century. They also had hidden connections that would drive their drastic actions to cope with that loss miles and years apart.         Sources 'Police Block Father's Plot to Slay Babes.' The Davenport Democrat and Leader, 5/28/1920 'Buys Gun to... Continue Reading →

The Scars of Loss

In a St. Louis hotel room in 1912, Mabel Moore was distraught. Her and her husband of only about three months, Arthur, and her had an argument. Those early days of a relationship can be difficult sometimes. Sharing living space with a new person is hard enough, but when it’s a significant other, there’s an... Continue Reading →

Episode 31: My Ghost Stories – Real and Imagined

We all love ghost stories, but not all of them should be believed. Decide for yourself as I tell you some of my own encounters with the beyond, both real and imagined.     Sources ‘Stoneking Cemetery.’ Supernatural Dares, Myers, Frank D. ‘Tombs With a View II: Stoneking.’, 12/31/12 ‘These 10 Haunted Cemeteries... Continue Reading →

My Ghost Stories – Real and Imagined

I love a good ghost story. Ever since I was a little kid, I would always gravitate toward the spooky. Anything supernatural was fair game. Like so many others, I cut my teeth on ghost documentaries and shows like Unsolved Mysteries. Horror movies were one of my main staples, and I read anything even remotely... Continue Reading →

Haunted: The Kelly Family Murders

Hauntings are a hallmark of the Halloween season. A common horror fiction theme is having an unsuspecting individual or family move into a new home. Sometimes these are places where some kind of violent act – generally a suicide or murder – took place. The personalities involved with that event remain there as spirits, trapped... Continue Reading →

Episode 29: Defiling the Dead

The desecration of human remains and burial sites are regarded as taboo by our society. Regardless, it still happens, and more often than you think. What kind of person would commit such acts? Come and see. Sources   'Man Held; Graveyard Vandalism.' Quad City Times, 6/24/1977 'Grave Robbers Hit Davenport Crypt.' Quad City Times, 4/25/1997... Continue Reading →

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