A Historian Visits Hell … Claus Hell

Historians can be an odd breed. Most of us are inclined to spend a good deal of time reading about people long gone from this world. We learn about their lives, their wants, their passions. We are, in many ways, caretakers of the dead. It should come as no surprise then that we have a... Continue Reading →

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Episode 2: Bloody Matrimony

In 1914, Johann Whynack was married to the love of his life. He would put up with nearly anything; endure almost anything, for his Marie. But Marie didn't care, and continually spurned his affections. As much as he loved her, every person has their breaking point, and in a split second, Johann brought the issue... Continue Reading →

The Devil You Know

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first official podcast episode of the Kitchen Table Historian! For this first episode, we’re travelling to Adams County, Iowa, in the southwest corner of the Hawkeye State. On a cold January morning in 1919, fifteen-year-old Irene Hoskins came running and screaming to the front door of her neighbor, Allen... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Joseph Stroehle

   It takes a little bit to get used to a new house.    Houses make noises. Furnaces kick on, air conditioners start up, floors creek, windows rattle. When you first move in, these are all familiar sounds, but the house is still unfamiliar. It’s new and a little strange, and the wind might make... Continue Reading →

The John Wesley Family Murders of 1936

Mary Singer was dead, hacked to death by an ax-wielding assailant. It was a sudden and violent end, and the circumstances and motivations behind the slaying were rather bizarre. It's hard to say how Mary's son, Harry, handled the news of his mother's death. In March of 1935, he was incarcerated at the Indiana State Reformatory.... Continue Reading →

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