Author: The Kitchen Table Historian

I am an author and historian who writes about long-forgotten and out of the way events and places. I love the bizarre, the unusual, and the downright weird. I write a regular blog at my website,, and also manage a facebook page about things of historical interest called The Kitchen Table Historian.

Dark Winter’s Past: The Unfortunate End of Singleton Gardiner

              This past weekend, the Midwest faced down Winter Storm Jupiter, what was promised to deliver a whole lot of…

History is Happening All Around Us

     During the past week, I’ve had to spend a good amount of my time at the University of Iowa Hospital…

Why Bad Events Can Lead to Good Things

. Hello, all.             I wanted to write something really cool about the end of the year. Something all meaningful…

Gone Forever – Our Disappearing History

Everyday our history erodes away a little more. What are you going to do about it?