Month: July 2018

The Person in the Background: Going Unnoticed Through History

I loved movies when I was a kid, especially westerns. They were great fun, but like most movies from back then, nothing bad ever really happened. Well, nothing bad without some kind of sounding resolution. I mean, Devil Dandridge rustled up some cattle, but… Continue Reading “The Person in the Background: Going Unnoticed Through History”

Buena Vista: Bridge to the End

I doubt that Frederick Rothstein thought much about bridges when he was living at Allen’s Grove, Iowa. They were probably one of the furthest things from his mind. A miller by trade, Rothstein had a lucrative business. He had a combination saw and grist… Continue Reading “Buena Vista: Bridge to the End”

The Audubon-Exira-Hamlin Flood of 1958

     Flash floods are some of the most devastating natural disasters in the world. They can come without warning, destroying everything in their path. Iowa is no stranger to them. Although there have been many throughout the years, one still stands out in… Continue Reading “The Audubon-Exira-Hamlin Flood of 1958”

Buena Vista: A Name Without a Town

   Every state has at least one ghost town.    Just as towns emerge for a variety of reasons, they also die for just as many.  But, like people, it’s often what happened in a town when it was still around that really matters.… Continue Reading “Buena Vista: A Name Without a Town”