Month: January 2017

Should the Old Bridge Go?

Should we keep the bridge or not? The Clinton County Lincoln Highway faces a tough choice in historical preservation.

Dark Winter’s Past: The Unfortunate End of Singleton Gardiner

              This past weekend, the Midwest faced down Winter Storm Jupiter, what was promised to deliver a whole lot of nastiness. Thankfully, here in eastern Iowa it turned out to not be too awfully bad, but still bad enough to cause a lot of… Continue Reading “Dark Winter’s Past: The Unfortunate End of Singleton Gardiner”

History is Happening All Around Us

     During the past week, I’ve had to spend a good amount of my time at the University of Iowa Hospital Complex. I’ve you’ve never been there, it’s quite the place.      First off, it’s huge. The main building is eight stories tall, with the… Continue Reading “History is Happening All Around Us”